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PPAsuka - pedal pumping and high heel pumps erotic Again cordially welcomely on www.ppasuka.com. Why now just this home page arose your you ask certainly? Us it annoyed that not just to find erotism and fetish much about high heels and pedal pumping was in the Internet under the topics. Here the saving idea came to us. "Nevertheless we make it simple ourselves!" Thus PPAsuka was born.
Now this site www.ppasuka.com exists already some years and finally became a reference project of the software company hackersoft - www.hackersoftteam.com and has established itself in the runs the years to a firm component in the fields of the footfetish and shoe fetish.
So now a team of programmers guarantees the eye widths for the continuous enlargement of the site and our models in the galleries. At that the models can realize all fantasies near pedal pumping, of high heels, nylons, dangling, shoeplay, wet and many further topics of the foot erotism and shoe erotism in the galleries. We would like to tell thanks to the long-standing visitors and fans of PPAsuka at this place. Also in future pedalpumping with his versatile facets as cranking, revving, driving, stuck, wheelspinning and brake failure will occupy a firm place on this site.
Lately you can command also wish films which are tailored especially to you and have fair prices.
A lot of fun on PPAsuka and keeps on remaining curious !

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Shoe-gallery: Sale SID129: White sling back high heels

FOR SALE: SID129 - White sling back high heels
For sale - SID: 129 - White sling back high heels

Size: 39 EU/DE

Price: 29.00 Euro*

These High Heels are in the upper white faux leather and has a synthetic sole. This high heel is from the 90s, has been worn but never, so far has been in a box of the fundus of PPAsuka. Since I currently cataloging the fundus, these high heels currently uses the latest film work.

Although this high heel now is currently used for film work, I would like to offer this white heels to the fans as merchandise. Because of this high heel is not a branded product, this shoe is very good pricing as a fan item.

Shoe-gallery: Sale SID43: Black patent high heel

FOR SALE: SID43 - Black patent high heel
For sale - SID: 43 - Black patent high heel

Size: 38.5 EU/DE

Price: 49.00 Euro*

This sexy black patent high heels come directly from the fund of PPAsuka and were worn very often by our model for photos and movies. For example, the models of Akasha and Makoto. The High Heels show the current state, where you can find the one you have been worn very often and much. As the fundus of PPAsuka no place by many shoes and clothes, I must me separate of items with heavy hearts and make room for new shoes. On every piece depend very many memories and has contributed to the success and popularity of PPAsuka.

I offer this high heels as a fan item, and these therefore are suitable for fans, lovers of high heels and collectors of shoes.

Update from 24.10.2010: New Piano Pedal Pumping Gallery GID186 with AKASHA

G-ID: 186 -- Piano Pedal Pumping - Gallery with AKASHA

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These black patent high heels of the gallery are offered currently for sale!

Link to Offer (more pictures)

If interested, send me an e-mail. Here I give more information for sale or to answer questions.

I received an e-mail from a loyal fan. He criticized me that there was nothing new for a long time with a piano pedal pumping.
Here is my response to his e-mail. A new piano padal pumping gallery with Akasha. Unfortunately, I have currently only found the pictures. The clips are then logically, in a future update. Have fun!

I would therefore ask the pedal pumping fans for forgiveness because I have moved the new clips for this update on next week.