Piano Pedal Pumping - Gallery with AKASHA

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These black patent high heels of the gallery are offered currently for sale!

Link to Offer (more pictures)

If interested, send me an e-mail. Here I give more information for sale or to answer questions.

I received an e-mail from a loyal fan. He criticized me that there was nothing new for a long time with a piano pedal pumping.
Here is my response to his e-mail. A new piano padal pumping gallery with Akasha. Unfortunately, I have currently only found the pictures. The clips are then logically, in a future update. Have fun!

I would therefore ask the pedal pumping fans for forgiveness because I have moved the new clips for this update on next week.

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10.11.2007 Dear Fans and visitors! Many have until now vain to the clips with Akasha waiting. Only now do I in PPAsuka upload.
This is also the beginning of the film production and is now a small insight into the film. For more information the film wants, can write e-mails us.
In this film exerts Akasha at the organ. Unfortunately, Akasha some problems with the organ, because until now only has played piano. The play on the organ and the pedals is not easy for you. Akasha is very frustrated. Another problem is the shoes. They are simply too small.
This film will be in the next few days produced. Who wants to see a movie trailer, which can affect many more photos and clips look.

Have fun with the clips! Akasha and Mike

28.10.2007 Hello everybody! I am very pleased to see a gallery of me to be able to imagine, since I have more time nothing more to PPAsuka done for lack of time.

As many of you e-mail to Mike and me were sent, requesting new galleries and movies with me to produce, Mike has asked me again to do something.
Many thanks also to the fans who have written to me.

Because many e-mails in the desire for a movie with a piano or an organ, Mike has a production of such a movie. Since we are already in the first sample, were some photos and clips for this gallery.

Since the script of the film is still not completely defined, you still have the opportunity, your wishes to us by e-mail. These ideas about this production, we may be in the film with fitted or for subsequent productions of a film.

I wish you a lot of fun with this gallery!
Many love greetings! Akasha

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Today I would like to announce myself to you, to my first Piano pedal Pumping gallery.

I would like to thank you also much the fan, that wished this gallery.

In this gallery can do their me at the piano long, whereby I tried barefoot and also with black High Heels to play a music piece from Mozart to. Annoyance was that this piano was very detuned and I had not practiced for a long time no more on a piano. Thus I very often did not know, if I should step on the pedals of the piano and when not.

Many dear greetings to all fans and visitors of PPAsuka!